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Brits to cut booze this Christmas?

As we enter the festive period, alongside a time of economic uncertainty, many people are cutting back. And one area that Brits are looking to cut down on is alcohol consumption. In fact, recent research suggests that almost half (49%) of UK adults are either not drinking at all or are planning to cut down – with 1 in 4 18-24-year- olds even considering themselves to be teetotal, showing an attitude shift towards alcohol in younger generations.

And it’s not just for money saving purposes. Over 2 in 5 Brits feel stressed during the Christmas season and 1 in 4 struggles with anxiety and depression. Whilst for many, drinking is a sign of celebration and part of the festivities, for others, drinking at Christmas is related to stress – playing a large role in over-consumption, which can lead to health issues, as well as simply ruin your day with a hangover.

So, as we start planning for office parties, visiting family and friends, and hosting our own events, it is perhaps time to cut back a little, consider some alcohol-free alternatives, and experience JOMO instead of FOMO – the “Joy of Missing out”.

Aston spoke to alcohol drinks free expert Gemma Mills, founder JOMO Club.

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Please drink safely:

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