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Can video games inspire the next generation of female STEM graduates?

Video games could play a surprising role in getting young women interested in a career in STEM – according to a new study.

To celebrate International Woman’s Day, new research from the publishers of Scars Above – a videogame about a lone female astronaut and scientist stranded on a hostile alien planet – reveals a third of 14–19-year-olds females who play video games are more likely to be interested in a career in STEM then those who do not (33% v 22%).

The report, which explores what motivates the next generation of young women to pursue a STEM career,shows girl gamers are more likely to go on to study STEM subjects at A level (46%) compared to those who don’t (40%). Overall, over half (52%) of female students are planning to study a STEM subject, with this rising to 61% of males.

Aston spoke to Dr Jackie Bell, mathematician, physicist, STEM ambassador and aspiring astronaut.

Photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash

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