Posted by Aston Avery

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

With LGBT+ history month underway, a new survey reveals that there has been only marginal improvement in the comfort levels of teachers when discussing LGBT+ topics with their pupils.

Research by Just Like Us shows that 15% of teachers across the UK admit they “do not feel very comfortable” or feel “completely uncomfortable” when discussing LGBT+ topics with their pupils. Alarmingly, this proportion remains unchanged from 2021, highlighting a lack of progress in creating a more inclusive learning environment.

While headteachers have shown an increase in confidence regarding LGBT+ inclusion, with 92% feeling comfortable compared to 85% in 2021, classroom teachers have experienced a slight dip in comfort levels. In 2021, 83% of classroom teachers felt comfortable discussing LGBT+ topics, whereas in 2023, that number has decreased to 81%.

Aston spoke to Laura MacKay, chief executive at Just Like Us.

Photo by Trey Musk on Unsplash

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