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Charlene Douglas’s top tips for a successful first date

Research has shown the weird and wonderful interests that some of us keep secret could actually seal the deal on first dates. Candy Crush Saga have coined the term ‘quirkodisiac’ to describe those quirky interests we keep hidden from others, with a third fearing their potential partner won’t find it attractive, or may give them the ‘ick’, but it could be the thing that makes them most attractive.

Surprisingly, almost 4 in 5 (79%) of us would prefer someone to be upfront about their quirky hobbies even if they’re considered ‘uncool’ or ‘cringe’. Gaming takes the top spot, with a quarter (25%) of us hiding the hobby on a first date, but people don’t seem to be bothered as two thirds (66%) say they would never expect someone to give up an interest just for them.

According to the research almost half of respondents (43%) say having an interest in gaming makes someone more attractive, as it shows they have an active mind and don’t take life too seriously.

Aston spoke to Married At First Sight’s Charlene Douglas.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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