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Cherry Healey discusses perimenopause

TV Presenter Cherry Healey has recently been diagnosed as perimenopausal which she has taken to social media to talk about and is now sharing her story in hopes other women can share theirs too.

Research conducted by Holland & Barrett highlights that despite 83% of women saying that the menopause is less of a taboo subject now than it has ever been, 33% admit they have experienced a negative reaction, such as shutting the conversation down, when they had spoken about what they were going through and how they were feeling.

To help support women who are still suffering in silence Cherry has teamed up with Holland & Barrett to launch The Pause & Listen Pledge:

We won’t pretend to know how your menopause feels.

We won’t say millions of people go through it every day.

We won’t tell you to just get on with it.

We won’t say “You’re way too young to go through the menopause”.

We won’t make light of your menopause.

We will give you the chance to offload.

We will help you try to find ways to get through it.

We will understand that your menopause is unlike anyone else’s.

We will show you that you don’t have to do this alone.

And above all we will always listen and support you.

Aston spoke to TV presenter Cherry Healey and Dr Tania Adib, consultant gynaecologist.

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