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Chris Sutton previews Euro 2024

As we gear up for an epic summer of sport, a surprising trend is emerging: most football fans are choosing to watch games from the comfort of their sofas instead of braving the often-rowdy pub experience.

A new study and trial by Roku revealed that 72% of fans plan to catch the action at home this summer, a stark contrast to the mere 21% who will head to the pubs. Even among the die-hard pub-goers, only 53% are sticking with their usual game-watching spots. The culprit? Fellow fans’ exasperating antics.

88% of pub-going fans have avoided pubs because of bad behaviour. This includes 41% of fans who are fed up with others talking non-stop rubbish and 33% who have faced aggressive behaviour. Additionally, 24% have been caught in pint-throwing chaos, with one poor soul even witnessing a man streaking through the bar wearing nothing but a flag.

Aston spoke to football legend Chris Sutton.

Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

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