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Coach Trip’s Brendan Sheerin on driving safely this summer

28th July 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

With this week marking the first full week of the summer holidays for most families, many will be setting off on staycations which are supposedly safer and less confusing than travelling abroad. However, new research released today has found that many drivers are baffled by UK road signs, and many are unsure of what is legal and illegal to do whilst driving, including eating and drinking.

The research conducted by Europcar has found that although four in five drivers (80%) are unfazed about getting behind the wheel for a long journey this summer, over half (58%) worry that their car is unreliable and will not be able to make the trip. Despite this worry, 55% of drivers don’t regularly check things like oil levels or tyre pressure before embarking on a long journey, with a worrying one in ten admitting to never doing this.

So, what does make us nervous behind the wheel? Well, for men it’s other drivers (29% vs. 20%), whilst for women it is driving on unfamiliar roads (30% vs. 20%), and a similar number of men and women agree that driving to a new location is nerve wracking (18% men vs. 16% women) – which means there might be a few anxious drivers on the road after all.

Aston spoke to Brendan Sheerin from Coach Trip and Rebecca Ashton, head of policy & research at IAM Roadsmart.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash