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Cost of living is 10 year old children’s top worry

Think back to when you were 10. What was your biggest worry? For many it would be whether our favourite band would make number one, for others it might be about whether our crush at school liked us back.

Today, one of the the biggest worries for those aged 10 (to 25) in Basildon and East Thurrock is the cost of living crisis according to new data from the Co-op who are calling for more opportunities for young people across the country, wherever they are.

The rising cost of living presents fresh mental wellbeing challenges for young people with over a third (35%) of 13 – 25 years olds believing the rising price of everyday things will negatively impact their long-term mental health, this is a particular concern amongst older age groups, with nearly half (45%) of 21-25-year-olds, and a fifth (20%) of those aged 13 – 15 years of age. Furthermore, nearly a fifth (19%) of children as young as 13 expect to feel lonely over the next year.

Aston spoke to Kayleigh Wainwrigh, director at UK Youth and Danny Matthews from Co-op.

Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash

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