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Dad’s down with the kids ahead of Father’s Day

In a time when we are looking back – around the jubilee – new research reveals the evolution of fatherhood during the period, with 93% of parents in Basildon and East Thurrock today recognising that the role of ‘dad’ has changed beyond all recognition over the last 70 years.

With fathers day this weekend, data reveals that 80% of parents in Basildon and East Thurrock recognise dads now do domestic chores that only a quarter of their own fathers performed. And the same number are more involved in childcare – that only three in ten say they themselves experienced from their dads according to research from kids TV show, Bluey.

A sign of the changing times, almost half recognised that their own dad’s main role was to be the sole family breadwinner.  Indeed, three in ten in Basildon and East Thurrock admitted that their father provided for the family financially, but their mother did everything else.  A further 29% of parents in Basildon and East Thurrock also said their own father was so busy earning a living that he only spent time with them at weekends.

Aston spoke to author and parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith.

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