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DJ Arielle on why Brits plan to spend holidays at where they call ‘Home Home’ this year

After a tough few years, 12 million Brits are planning to spend the holidays at a place they call ‘Home Home’, new research* from Ring reveals. The home security company worked with a team of psychologists at Innovation Bubble to unearth our deep bond with somewhere that we don’t live but feel emotionally connected to. The interview findings, paired with survey research of 2,000 adults, found almost half of Brits (49%) have a ‘home home’, referencing either a house they grew up in (29%) or the house where their parents currently live (25%).

The interviews found our ‘Home Home’ isn’t just bricks and mortar, but a place we feel comfortable, secure, and have a childlike craving for. It’s spending time with loved ones (36%) and trips down memory lane (23%) that we love most about ‘Home Home’. But don’t get too comfy if you’re one of 12 million heading back for the holidays this year – it’s best to keep your trip to two weeks. Ring’s research found we’re more likely to feel relaxed (73%) and secure (36%) if we keep our visit to this time.

Regardless of how long you’re staying, food is a crucial part of feeling ‘Home Home’, especially for that all important holiday cheer. Home-cooked meals are a strong part of our love for ‘Home Home’ (19%), with psychological interviews also detailing vivid memories of eating together as a family, feeling nurtured through food and drink and the smell of cooking. While not considered traditionally festive by all, a full English breakfast (18%), fish and chips (16%) and curry (8%) were among the top tastes that reminded people of home.

Aston spoke to psychologist Annabel Larke and TV presenter and DJ Arielle Free.

Photo by Ethan Kent on Unsplash

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