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Eco-conscious Brits want to do more for the planet

18th July 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The recent photos of the empty Glastonbury festival site where only 0.5% of tents had been left behind were cause for celebration, but is the first time the abandoned tents stat has been anywhere near a figure like this. However, according to Old Mout Cider, it’s not the millennial festival goers that want to spearhead the eco-way. Tthose aged between 45-54 (66%) are most likely to take action.

80% of people are inspired to take eco action to help save our planet after watching nature documentaries with 60% of people happy to reduce single-use plastic, 44% willing to buy more sustainable products and a 28% would build a compost heap but, they want more information.

Aston spoke to Michaela Strachan, TV presenter and conservationist and Gareth Readman-King, WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) head of climate change to discuss Old Mout Cider and WWFs mission to help protect half a million acres of habitat across the globe and what you can do to join them in the fight.