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Education and coronavirus

25th March 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

New research commissioned by the professional body for the automotive sector, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), has revealed parents’ views on their children’s ambitions and career choices. The research reveals a general disparity between whether to work or continue studying after secondary school or college, with an emphasis on the lack of quality careers advice. The study has indicated that almost 4 in 5 parents (78%) want their children to go to university, even though more than 3 in 5 (61%) admitted that they believe work experience is what employers look for in potential job applicants and two thirds (66%) admitted they believe initiative is what employers look for most.

It also found more than a quarter (26%) of young people had not received any form of careers advice. For those who had, almost a third (32%) of them said the quality of the information was average at best. Out of those parents that did not want their child to go to university, more than half (51%) of them admit it’s because of student loan debt issues, while more than 1 in 3 (34%) of them argue their children will surpass their peers in relation to work experience. Additionally, almost half (49%) of parents admitted they had discussed with their child the option of taking an apprenticeship, with the idea that they should know the earning opportunities they might have earlier than if they go to university.

The current uncertainty around the length of school closures due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and how this could affect children’s further education, has left the future of education unclear for those currently completing their GCSE’s.  Considering an apprenticeship may well become a key avenue for many students to continue learning whilst developing practical skills in an industry which continues despite the current virus outbreak.

Aston spoke to Steve Nash, CEO of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to discuss about the research in further detail.