Posted by Aston Avery

Eliminating food waste with the humble sandwich

GLORIOUS sandwiches have become a comfort staple of the British diet. Whether it be thrown together from leftovers at home, meticulously constructed in front of you in a cafe, or packaged as part of your trusty go-to meal deal, it seems almost everything tastes better between two slices of bread. 

In fact, data shows as a nation we consume over 3 billion sandwiches a year – enough to feed every individual in the UK 40 times. According to a recent survey half of us are eating sandwiches at least a few times a week, most commonly as a lunchtime meal (76%), with convenience, affordability and comfort cited as the top three reasons for eating them. 

Turning 15 this year, FoodCycle has championed connection over meals for more than a decade.  Every week, volunteers serve up a three course meal to over 3,000 people and this year will see them reach their milestone of serving 3.5 million meals and supporting 100 communities.

Aston spoke to Max Halley, sandwich shop owner & author and Sophie Tebbetts, CEO of FoodCycle. 

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

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