Posted by Aston Avery

Emma Kenny on giving ourselves a little lift this winter

Our politics have gone through so much turmoil, the state of our economy is up in the air and with winter lurking it’s no surprise to find out many of us could do with a sprinkle of positivity here and there. It’s important now more than ever to take time out to cherish the ‘little lifts’ that can add some Oomph to life during tough times.

New research by Sainsbury’s reveals nearly two-thirds (61%) are actively looking for little lifts, with two in five (20%) chalking this up to the cost-of-living crunch. This comes as three in four (76%) confess they lack moments of joy despite the overwhelming majority (78%) saying these can help them in tough times.

Life post-pandemic has proved to be tough, it’s vital for us to find small moments of joy to help with our mental wellbeing. In fact, because life has been getting us down, a third (33%) are looking for a daily pick-me-up – with food and drink boosting their biggest moments of joy.

Aston spoke to TV psychologist Emma Kenny.

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