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English Wine Week

To mark the start of English Wine Week (18th-26th June), a new survey of wine drinkers reveals our top 5 wine drinker personalities. The survey also revealed just how guilty we are of regifting our bottles onto friends and family.

The UK purchases over 50 million bottles of wine each year, and new research suggests that we are overly guilty of regifting bottles that had been kindly offered to us (66%), which throws into question how socially acceptable regifting really is.

The main reasons for regifting were surprisingly honest; regifting disliked bottles (27%), forgetting to buy a gift (16%), and not wanting to waste a quality bottle on a friend or family member (7%). The research also highlighted that France, Italy & Australia are the wine origins most likely to be regifted.

The research, conducted by Lyme Bay Winery, also uncovered the style of wine drinkers the British public most connect with.

Aston spoke to James Lambert, managing director at Lyme Bay Winery.

Photo by Jeff Siepman on Unsplash

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