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Essex has fifth highest car theft rate in UK

Across the UK there is a huge reliance on cars as many people’s main method of transport, however the car buying landscape since Brexit is still recovering and this is having a ripple effect.

Vehicle tracking company Tracker warns that a shortfall in vehicle parts supply has hit the service, maintenance, and repair sector, creating a lucrative opportunity for professional car thieves.

New figures they’ve released reveal that there was a 300% increase in the number of chop shop closures in 2022, compared to the previous 12 months. Chop shops are places where stolen cars are sold to where they are quickly stripped for parts.

The data also reveals that hybrid vehicles are now rich pickings for criminals, with the Lexus RX 450H entering Tracker’s top ten league table for the first time, at number six. A sharp rise in thefts of the Lexus RX 450H in the second half of the year indicates it’s likely to remain a target for thieves.

Aston spoke to Clive Wain, head of police liaison at Tracker.

Photo by Olav Tvedt on Unsplash

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