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Essex Man Loses 5 Stones in 20 weeks

Joe Thompson (36) from Essex turned his life around completely when he joined a local Slimming World group and lost an incredible 5 stone in just 20 weeks! He has now made it his mission to help others focus on Health & Wellbeing and improve their quality of life by starting his very own Slimming World group at Briscoe Primary School in Basildon.

Joe struggled for years as a ‘yo-yo’ dieter, joining around two-thirds (63%) of adults that are above a healthy weight. He tried every different diet he heard of. Following advice from surrounding dieters he tried Keto, calorie counting, intermittent fasting amongst others. All had merits but none were sustainable as they either had him focus ‘too much’ on the rules of the plan or he found them to be too restrictive.

So when Joe stepped through the doors of Slimming World for the first time and learnt just how simple Slimming World’s ‘Extra Easy’ Food Optimising plan was he couldn’t believe it. Not only was it delicious food – but it was also so cost effective compared to the ‘junk food’ choices he was making, before. Joe had always labored under the misapprehension that high quality, healthy foods were more expensive.

Joe is not alone, here. Over a fifth of adults (23%) say they weigh more now compared to one year ago and nearly two in three (58%) of these believe the financial crisis contributed to their weight gain.

Joe walked in weighing 19st 9.5 lbs and within his first week he lost 11 lbs! He was gobsmacked! Deciding to trust the plan completely and thoroughly – he carried on enjoying the plan, relaxed into it and watched the weight melt off his body.

Joe’s success garnered attention on Instagram (he created a slimming world-specific account @joeyjoejoe__sw) – and was soon entered into a national competition, eventually crowned Slimming World’s ‘Mr Sleek 2023’ for the whole country.

He has also featured on this year’s poster and leaflet campaign so you may well recognise his face! Joe is
delighted to be starting his own group and feels his brand of Slimming World – JT Article 2 enthusiasm and passion will help inspire his group to reach their target and their dream weight! Joe attests his success to ‘trusting the plan’ and ‘enjoying the company of others at his group’ and his wonderful consultant who helped him every step of the way!

If you would like to meet the National Mr Sleek at his Slimming World group the location and timings are as follows: Briscoe Primary School, SS13 1AP in Pitsea, Basildon on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm and 7:00pm

Aston spoke to Joe Thompson from Slimming World.

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