Posted by Aston Avery

Ex smokers see a positive change soon after quitting

A new nationwide survey released today ahead of Stoptober shows nearly all (95%) ex-smokers see positive changes in their life as early as two weeks after quitting.

Stoptober’s mass quit attempt will launch on 1 October, calling on smokers in England to join the thousands of others committing to quit. While smoking rates are declining, over five million adults in England still smoke and smoking remains the single biggest cause of preventable illness and death in the country – linked to 64,000 deaths a year. The total cost from smoking to society in England is approximately £17 billion a year, this includes the cost to the NHS of treating diseases caused by smoking at approximately £1.9 billion a year.

New data from 3,000 ex-smokers, found some of the top benefits they saw within two weeks of quitting included having more energy (45%), feeling healthier (42%) and breathing better (42%). In addition to key improvements in health measures, many survey respondents also noted improvement in their ability to exercise (22%), healthier looking skin (24%), their sense of taste returning (25%), and saving money (34%). On average, a smoker could save £38 a week by quitting smoking, which is around £2000 a year.

Aston spoke to TV’s Dr Dawn Harper.

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