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Experts reveal why children should play with their food

A third (27%) of British parents think playing with food isn’t good behaviour. But experts are calling for this rhetoric to change, as babies and toddlers who do play with their food display increased willingness to try new foods.

In a recent poll, commissioned by baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen, it was revealed that 41% of parents find getting their children to try or eat certain foods stressful, with almost a third (29%) finding the process more stressful than moving house, being stuck in traffic (29%) and even a trip to the dentist (19%).

Studies show that little ones who engage and have fun with food using all their senses, in and outside of mealtimes, are much more willing to try those foods, and over time, learn to love them show it can take up to 12 experiences of a new food before a child accepts it. This is why experts alike are encouraging babies and toddlers to play with their food to make the process more enjoyable. Not only can this help children familiarise themselves with new foods but it can also lead to an increase in willingness to try new foods.

Aston spoke to nutritionist Claire Baseley and developmental psychologist Dr Helen Coulthard.

Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash

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