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Farmers start building ‘bee road’ to help bee population

From this weekend farmers across the country are beginning to plant the ‘Bee Road’ – which means those with hayfever might need to prepare!

The Bee Road is essentially a huge countrywide network for pollinating Bees to take a rest and refuel. Imagine the motorway services but instead of expensive sandwiches it is lots of flowers that help bees get on with their important job.

Around a third of the food we eat in the UK relies on bees – but many of us know that bees are significantly in danger. This is why Arla Farmers across the country are building the road to enegerise our buzzy buddies.

So, farmers are encouraging the nations hayfever sufferers to get ready ahead of the weekend – as around 45 million of us really do suffer with runny noses, headaches and other horrid symptoms.

Aston spoke to farmer Chris Jerman.

Photo by leandro fregoni on Unsplash

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