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Ferne McCann on Gateway 97.8

21st November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Over half of us Brits (51%) consider ourselves to be ‘faffers’ – with young people being the stand out culprits! –Brand new research by Talk Talk TV has found that Brits fritter away almost 4 HOURS a day doing seemingly unnecessary things despite agreeing the “faffs” of modern life mean they spend less time doing things they really enjoy.

A select few have devised cunning time-saving ideas to cut down on lost hours, with the time-poor among us opting to: prep dinner the night before; batch cook their meals, cooking and freezing the Christmas dinner months in advance!!; blowing dust off surfaces instead of actually dusting; and getting their spouse to do the tiresome things they’d rather not spend time on!

Parents, of course, are among those who really can’t afford to faff, with those precious minutes of silence used for self-love and relaxation time in front of the telly once the kids are off to bed becoming an effortless activity – some even say they’ll make their children do the chores so they can kick back and relax. Almost 1 in 10 Brits suggest they spend over 10 hours a week on the loo to ensure some alone time!  ver two thirds (67%) of Brits think life is unnecessarily complicated but we don’t seem to make it any easier for ourselves! Almost 1 in 5 (16%) of Brits admit to spending over an HOUR looking for their keys on a typical weekday and 14% will spend the same amount of time deciding what to have for breakfast!

Aston spoke to Ferne McCann TV, personality to discuss time-saving life-tips and all things telly.