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First aid lessons will finally become compulsory in classrooms

13th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

While Pythagoras’ Theorem certainly has its place in the classroom, few could argue that it’s more important than knowing how to save a life. Luckily, after ten years of campaigning, first aid lessons are finally making their way into the school curriculum.

Ahead of World First Aid Day on 14 th September, new research from British Red Cross reveals that the overwhelming majority (86%) of children believe that learning how to save a life is one of the most important lessons they could learn at school.

This announcement couldn’t come soon enough as a quarter (23%) of children polled have experienced a situation where someone needed first aid. However, the majority of children (62%) said they would feel helpless to act if they witnessed an accident and someone was injured.

Nine out of 10 children agreed that knowing first aid skills would make them feel more confident to help in a first aid emergency – highlighting how learning first aid will empower young people and help to create a generation of lifesavers. Parents agree as nine in 10 (91%) back the lessons becoming compulsory.

Aston spoke to Joe Mulligan, head of first aid education from British Red Cross to discuss how important it is for every single person to have first aid education.