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Former footballer Trevor Steven on Premier League and languages

13th August 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Learning French after his record-breaking move to Olympique de Marseille bolstered Trevor Steven’s confidence and allowed him to interact better with his teammates. By the end of the season, he was proficient, and the side won France’s league championship.

It’s been a busy transfer market this year with both new players and managers arriving in England, and Trevor believes grasping both the tactics and language of their new team quickly will be key.

Among many others, one of the greatest keepers of all-time, Petr Čech, recognised this when making a similar move to Rennes in 2002, saying: “I understood that the best way to settle in and understand what’s going on, and to perform well, was to master the language.

Trevor has has been brushing up on his French using Rosetta Stone, and in order to help young footballers follow in his footsteps and achieve international success, they are offering their language learning courses FREE to all grassroots and academy footballers in the UK, up until the biggest game of his club’s year, the Merseyside Derby on the 30th November.

Aston spoke to former footballer Trevor Steven.

Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash