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Former winter Olympic skier Graham Bell on Gateway

8th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Team GB enjoyed their most successful Winter Olympics at the PyeongChang Games coming away from South Korea with FIVE medals and hopes are high for further success in Beijing 2022.

And it seems the feel-good factor has had an impact on the amount of Brits taking up the sport or dusting off their skis with new research from Club Med showing that people are continuing to book winter sports holidays with 59% of skiers and snowboarders booking two or more trips in the past year alone.

In 2018, 17% of Brits said that they stayed in an all-inclusive resort and in 2019 that figure has now risen to 29% – a 70% year on year increase – with the all-inclusive model becoming the most popular accommodation type for ski and snowboard holidays.

Significantly, 61% of people said they would continue to book a ski package holiday in future years with the French Alps still the No 1 destination with 33% of us flocking there in 2019. Other popular destinations include Switzerland (28%), Austria (20%) Italy (14%) Canada (12%) USA (10%) and Japan (6%).

Aston spoke to Graham Bell, former winter Olympic skier and TV presenter (Ski Sunday) and Dr Ian Pearson, futurologist to discuss about the rise in British skiers and the knock on affect that could have for Team GB success at future Winter Olympic Games.