Posted by Aston Avery

George Clarke reveals our sofa secrets

There’s nothing better than getting home after a long day’s work, grabbing a throw, and just melting into the sofa. Chic, squishy, antique, or even a little roughed-up, there is a reason that they are the centrepiece of the living room.

But they are more than just fancy furnishings or snug solace spots – often without realising, the sofa plays a silent but important role in many aspects of life, earning them the title of the heart of the home.

In fact, the average British sofa has witnessed 311 arguments, doubled as cinema seating 537 times, and been a place of refuge 269 times after a row or drunken night out according to new research from Sofology. We’ve all been there.

Aston spoke to TV presenter George Clarke.

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

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