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Greg Rutherford reveals the top crumbliest foods

The messiest snacks have been revealed – with crusty bread taking the top spot and sausage rolls and Cadbury Flake following closely behind. The league table of the crumbliest foods also included other culprits for mess like Weetabix, grated cheese, and croissants.

The new research from Bosch also identified the biggest crumb hotspots – with the back of the couch, in the car, and in bed the most notorious. And 55% of parents said they have discovered ‘mystery particles’ in parts of the house during a deep clean – with no idea what food they came from.

63% even admitted they couldn’t tell you how long the crumbs have been there. With 45% admitting the flakes have likely been behind the sofa for more than a year. Although just under half (45%) admit it’s not always the kids who dropped the crumbs.

Aston spoke to Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford MBE.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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