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Harry Wallop on why Brits a are going teetotal

Being confined to home during the pandemic has made Brits more reliant on their internet connection than ever before. Compared to two years ago, we now spend an extra 1.2 hours online every day.

This means that on average we are now connected to the web for 6.4 hours a day. If our usage continues to increase at the same rate, by 2023 we could be spending nearly half our waking hours online.

Given how much time we devote to surfing the web, sending messages, streaming movies and shopping online, we are also now much more concerned with the speed of our internet connection.

According to a new study by Vodafone, 6 out of 10 of us (59%) say that having a fast and reliable internet service is much more important to us now compared to two years ago.

Aston spoke to consumer journalist and TV presenter Harry Wallop.

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