Posted by Aston Avery

Heart charity visit Basildon Library to offer free heart checks to public

UK heart valve disease charity, Heart Valve Voice is offering free heart checks Basildon Library in an attempt to address the decrease in diagnosis of heart valve disease.

On February 28th from 11am – 2pm, the team will be at Basildon Library, St Martins Square, with a Cardiologist from Basildon Hospital give heart checks and educate the public on the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease.

Heart valve disease in the UK is often undetected because heart auscultation (listening to the heart) is performed less frequently than elsewhere in the world. This has been compounded by the impact of COVID-19 with fewer patients accessing face to face consultations and so less opportunity to detect heart valve disease with a stethoscope.

Aston spoke to Wil Woan, CEO of Heart Valve Voice.

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