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Heatwave to see Brits show-off BBQ skills

23rd July 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Mankind has been BBQing since the dawn of time. And while we may have evolved from slaying a beast and roasting it over an open flame – it looks like a new BBQ fine dining evolution is on the horizon – with many Brits making good use of their time spent cooped up at home by seriously upping their culinary game.

Fuelled by TV programmes like Masterchef and Come Dine with Me, one in five (21%) Brits are keen to show off their BBQ culinary skills to friends and family – according to new research by Andrew Peace Wines. In fact, 28% are taking it to whole new level and are planning to be more experimental with their barbies and al fresco dining this summer.

With forecasters predicting a BBQ summer 2, the warmer weather and lighter nights give us the perfect opportunity to wine and dine outdoors. One in four (25%) say they will be offering ample mouth-watering fodder for guests – to ensure they have an experience on par with a fine-dining restaurant. While two in five (40%) see BBQs as a relaxed
affair, one in 20 (6%) declare their BBQ has gotten more sophisticated over the last year.

Aston spoke to Michelin star chef Skye Gyngell.

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash