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Helen Skelton on our energy habits

Almost three quarters of people in the UK (73%) changed the way they use energy in a bid to reduce their household bills before the price cap rose on 1st April, according to new research from Smart Energy GB.

Making effective changes to our energy consuming habits can be difficult. A quarter (25%) of people say they’re confused by conflicting energy saving advice and one in three of us (30%) admit to not knowing enough about the advice and support available around energy use.

The uncertainty in the current climate of rising bills has resulted in 66% of people trying energy saving methods that have little or no impact on their energy use, and over a quarter (28%) stating they don’t feel in control of their household bills.

Smart Energy GB has launched the Super Smart Energy Savers Report; the report aims to offer productive tips and support for people aiming to take control of their household’s energy usage, and includes expert advice from Helen Skelton, Dominic Littlewood, and Money Magpie.

Aston spoke to TV presenter Helen Skelton and Victoria Bacon, director at Smart Energy GB.

Photo by Sies Kranen on Unsplash

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