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How Brexit could be the solution to Brit’s love lives

25th April 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Going on first dates can seem like ‘Groundhog Day’ to many singletons, with the same old questions and pleasantries being exchanged time after time. However, scientists think they have cracked the code to expel questions like “what’s your favourite colour?” from the dating handbook… once and for all.

New research from the dating gurus at eharmony, in collaboration with behavioural psychologists Dr Eric Robinson and Dr Michelle Tornquist at the University of Liverpool, reveals the five most important questions to ask during a first date to determine how compatible you are. Designed to uncover key personality traits and even potential issues the questions cover topics including; trust and danger perception, politics, travel, finance and family.

Aston spoke to psychologist and study co-author Dr Eric Robinson and relationship expert Rachael Lloyd from eharmony about the research and also the some questions about what you be asking on your first date.

Dr Eric Robinson and Rachael Lloyd interview with Aston Avery