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How much more extreme will our weather get?

22nd March 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

We absolutely love chatting about the weather, be it small talk in the office, finding common ground in the pub or talking about how it’s ruined our weekend, the weather is never too far away from the tips of our tongues.

However, with last year’s ‘Beast From The East’, this year’s warmest February since records began[, could these conversations take a somewhat darker tone in the near future? The weather across the UK is undoubtedly taking a turn for the extreme, but how bad could it get?

Aston spoke to Josh Morgerman a.k.a “The Hurricane Man” and Weather Expert Sara Thornton, who has previously been a weather presenter and runs the website ‘’ on how extreme things could get for the UK’s weather in the near future.

Sara Thornton & Josh Morgerman interview with Aston Avery