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Iona Bain on saving money when food shopping

Iona Bain, finance and money expert, is on a mission to help people get to grips with personal finance, especially as the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact people across the nation.

Some of tips include:

  •  Saving £115.87 per year on fuel if consumers were to switch to using supermarket’s free delivery services – Iceland is currently the only supermarket to offer delivery for free
  • Investing in money saving items such as slow cookers to reduce cooking costs
  • Food waste reduction

Unsurprisingly, easing the cost of living took centre stage in the Queen’s Speech recently and continues to do so, following the release of the NIESR’s research on the topic today. However, with the ongoing global demands for energy, the nation will likely not see prices decline in the short term.

Aston spoke to finance and money expert Iona Bain.

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

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