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Is Britain going nature blind?

25th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Britain’s green pastures are famous worldwide, and the nation’s capital has recently been named the world’s first “national park city”. However, it seems Britons are oblivious to the nature that’s right in front of them – and it seems technology could be to blame.

A new survey from Honest Organic highlights just how much our increased connectivity is disconnecting us from the natural world. In fact, one in 10 (10%) people say they’ve never been to a park or green space without being connected to technology in some way, while one in 13 people (8%) believe WiFi is more important than trees.

During a regular working week, 13% say they never go outside to visit a green space and one in five (20%) haven’t visited a nature attraction, such as a beach, park, forest or lake, in the past month. Yet, despite this clear disconnect with nature the vast majority (83%) would like to see more nature in cities around the UK.

Aston spoke to Jez Rose, behavioural expert to discuss why technology is distracting us from nature and the benefits Britons could reap from reconnecting with the environment.