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Is it ok to throw your kid’s art away?

20th July 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

On the fridge, plastered on the walls and displayed in pride of place…. The average child will produce more than 2,000 arts and crafts pieces for their parents BEFORE they turn 12, according to a study*. The research found the nation’s mums and dads face an uphill struggle to find space for the masses of drawings, greeting cards and ceramics produced by their little ones.

The research, carried out by BIC to mark launch of the BIC KIDS Young Artist Award, also found six in 10 have struggled to find room to display everything their kids make for them. As a result they can’t keep everything – but 37% of their output is kept for posterity. The top three most commonly produced items by children for their parents are drawings, paintings and greetings cards. Other popular arts and crafts include clay animals, fridge magnets and keyrings.

Aston spoke to John Adams, parenting blogger to discuss the research and also gave information about an art award for children as well.