Posted by Aston Avery

Is office lingo on the way out?

New research predicts the phrases and sign-offs likely to be extinct from the workplace within the next ten years, with ‘Yours truly’ (41%), ‘Yours sincerely’ (36%) and ‘To whom it may concern’ (35%) topping the list.

The data reveals that in the last five years, over two thirds (70%) of people have noticed a change in the way people use language in the workplace. Seven in ten (70%) believe this is due to young adults changing the formality of language, with 73% citing they were now more casual in their use of communication across the workplace.

Yet, respondents had differing views on why language is changing in the workplace as many believe social media has played a big factor with four in ten (40%) of over 55s thinking social media has had the biggest impact, whereas just under a quarter (24%) of those aged 18-24 agreed.

Aston spoke to Dr Laura Bailey, senior lecturer in English language and linguistics at the University of Kent.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash

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