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Katherine Ryan on tucking in to our past

Brits are craving a bit of comfort now more than ever, as two thirds of the nation say their mood has suffered in the last 6 months due to negative news.

There’s no denying that certain foods remind us of people, places we’ve visited, celebrations had or even transport us all the way back to our childhood.

Maybe a plate of cheesy beans on toast or chicken nuggets and stuffed potato skins may transport you back to simpler, happy days. Food is certainly a powerful tool to unlock comfort and nostalgia – boosting our mood with satisfying aromas and feel-good flavours. In fact, research by Gousto has found that 62% of us find the feeling of nostalgia a comforting one and that 58% of Brits say cooking and eating nostalgic meals from childhood really does boost their mood. More recently, 36% of us have actively been craving the foods from happy times in our childhood.

59% of Brits say they’re looking for easy ways to boost their mood, feel more positive and find comfort during tough times and cooking is a powerful tool to do so. Gousto, has teamed up with comedian Katherine Ryan and Dr Christy Fergusson, Food Psychologist, to help the nation feed their nostalgia and find comfort in experiencing their most loved childhood recipes.

Aston spoke to comedian Katherine Ryan and food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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