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Kimberley Walsh on Gateway 97.8

8th November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The saying home is where the heart is may not be as true as it once was, with the average Brit claiming they have two cities they consider to be home, whilst the majority (38%) retain the iconic ‘hometown’ status for just one place.

The study by Holiday Inn revealed that memories from childhood is what Brits are most likely to miss about their hometown (37%), with nearly two fifths (37%) wanting to relive those moments. Additionally, being close to family (30%), missing childhood friends (25%) and previous homes (23%) are among the things people miss the most about their hometowns.

Of those who don’t live in their hometown, almost half (47%) struggle to get back to visit friends and family as often as they would like, blaming it on a lack of time (51%), money (37%), and living too far away (36%). Almost half (48%) of Brits only make the trip back to their hometown up to twice a year to visit friends and family. With one in six admitting to spending less time visiting loved ones because it’s easier to communicate with FaceTime or Skype.

Aston spoke to Kimberley Walsh, former member of pop group girls aloud and West End star to talk about what she misses most about “home” when she’s away.