Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: A little bit of change goes a long way

We’ve all done it – whether it’s promising to cut back on that weekday wine, spending your evening reading rather than watching the tele, or signing up to the gym.

Changing a routine for the better is often at the forefront of our minds at the start of January, with just over a fifth of people in the UK (22%) earmarking it as the month they’re most likely to mix things up. But it’s a well-known fact that making a New Year’s resolution stick can be a challenge, and momentum tends to slow a few weeks in.

New research suggests if you want your commitment to last long-term, a little bit of change goes a long way. The survey by Snap Fitness has revealed change seems to have a very positive impact on our health and wellbeing, with over a quarter of UK adults (28%) saying that it makes them feel refreshed. Other benefits include motivating themselves (32%), self-confidence (30%), and improving their mood (27%).

Aston spoke to behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings.

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