Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: are behaviour issues driving dog owners mad?

Dogs Trust, the UK’s leading dog welfare charity, has unveiled new data that reveals some of the most common behaviour issues facing dog owners in the UK.  

According to data released today from Dogs Trust’s free Behaviour Support Line, separation anxiety and reactivity to people and other dogs are the most common behaviour issues facing owners who contact the charity for support. Barking and guarding type behaviours are also in the top five problem behaviours.  

The new data also reveals the breed of dog most identified in calls to the Behaviour Support Line. Whilst most calls made to the support line are about crossbreed dogs, which includes designer crossbreeds such as Cockapoos and Labradoodles, Cocker Spaniels, Border Collies and French Bulldogs are also high up the list. 

The Behaviour Support Line was launched in 2022 in direct response to feedback gathered by the charity’s National Dog Survey which found that that around 83% of dogs exhibited at least one “undesirable behaviour”. 

Aston spoke to Katy Errock, behaviour support line manager at Dogs Trust.

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

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