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Listen: call for businesses to help combat the digital divide

Brexit and COVID-19 have disrupted supply chains and introduced a whole new way of working for many organisations. Smart businesses are optimising their operations through digital tech and data to ensure success. However, new data released from GAIN LINE has shown that there is a huge inequality in opportunities for SMEs across the UK with regards to access to digital tech as well as young talent.

A new survey has shown that there is a direct correlation was found between regions with more rural areas such as North East England and Scotland, and a lack of uptake in digital tools to help with business operations during the Covid-19 disruptions. More than one in five of businesses in the North East of England and more than one in ten in Scotland lacked necessary digital tools during the pandemic.

In addition to this, analysis of some of the UKs leading digital data found that over that past year the North East of England, Wales and Scotland are being disproportionately affected by gaps in funding for innovation projects, digital job roles and connectivity.

Aston spoke to Jonathan Ward, director at Gain Line.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash

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