Listen: could heat pumps be the key in reaching carbon zero?

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The UK is raising the bar when it comes to tackling the climate crisis, but heating is still recognised as one of the single highest contributors to our total carbon emissions. There is a clear appetite for a greener approach to living witnessed by over 6 million across the globe taking to the streets in 2019 demanding urgent action on a perceived ecological emergency.

Around a third of total carbon emissions in the UK arise from heating systems, mostly fossil fuel boilers.Reaching the 2050 zero carbon emissions is near impossible without a substantial change in the heating industry, especially when considering domestic gas use. There are two million households in the UK that are currently off the gas grid, which makes their heating systems much more expensive and tend to use solid fuels which are bigger polluters.

With a clear government target of zero net carbon emission by 2050 more still needs to be done. Research shows that heat pumps are the future for heating with heat pump installation yielding up to 2600kg (kg/co2/year) reduction which compares favourably to insulating a solid wall which will only provide a CO2 reduction of 680kg.

Aston spoke to Max Halliwell, renewable energy expert from Mitsubishi Electric to discuss the research in further detail.

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