Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: Countdown’s Susie Dent on the taboo of talking about death

Unfortunately, across the globe over the last couple of years people have had to talk more about death than they’d
ever want to in a lifetime. Though, despite Covid having shown the importance of how things can change in an
instant, new research released today has revealed that 40% Brits still believe that as a society we’re in denial
about death and don’t talk about it until it’s too late.

This is proven further by DeadHappy’s research which states that over two thirds (69%) of Brits have admitted they
don’t have a plan in place for after they die. For over a fifth (22%) this is in an attempt to avoid thinking about dying
but for 27%, not having enough time is the reason stated. Surprisingly, even amongst close family and friends Brits
are reluctant with almost half (47%) stating they haven’t even discussed their life after death with loved ones.

This might be because many (25%) are still of the belief that we are made to feel like death and dying is a taboo
subject. However, the last year has shown the importance of having a plan in place and this was the case for 46%
of those surveyed, who said that Covid pushed them into thinking more about planning their death than they had

Aston spoke to lexicographer, linguist and Countdown star Susie Dent and Phil Zeidler, CEO at DeadHappy.

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