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Listen: Green gender gap

27th November 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Men make more environmentally unfriendly decisions and take less responsibility for their actions, according to new research out today.

The poll of over 3,000 Brits for the Institution of Engineering and Technology shows just 51 per cent of men believe they have an individual obligation to address climate change, versus 60 per cent of women.

In practice, this translates to women being much more likely to regularly engage in ‘green’ behaviours, including: recycling plastic (86 per cent vs 79 per cent); using reusable bottles (59 per cent vs 47 per cent); choosing ‘green’ delivery slots (65 per cent v 55 per cent); and avoiding products with unnecessary packaging (52 per cent vs 46 per cent).

Aston spoke to Olivia Carpenter-Lomax, green energy systems expert at Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET) to discuss the research in further detail.