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Listen: How smart tech can boost sustainability

21st May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

The green revolution is picking up pace as more people consider how their homes are powered and can make more informed choices.

Smart tech increasingly geared towards sustainability, micro-grids where homes share energy within their communities, and people opting for communal living for affordability are all possibilities for us as we head into 2030, according to leading futurologist and author Tom Cheesewright, smart tech could help to make the transition towards living more sustainably easier.

And while there is a strong desire from most (88%) to move to a more sustainable future, new research from smart home experts, Hive, found that 41% of people don’t know where to start. Almost two-fifths (37%) don’t believe the transition to sustainable living will be easy and over half (53%) don’t anticipate their home being more efficient by 2030.

Aston spoke to author and futurologist Tom Cheesewright to discuss how smart technology can be used to help us all live more sustainably, as well as share his smart tech predictions for a greener future.