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Listen: how to maintain a healthy home

Many of us will be opening our homes this summer to welcome family and friends, as we look to take advantage of the warmer months ahead to come together.

38% of people in the UK admit they often feel house envy when visiting other people’s homes, as the comparison of our own houses to others also brings to light building related issues that perhaps we have tried to place to the back of our minds.

Over a third of people (39%) say they have seen signs of mould in their house – with 32% stating they’ve never replaced or upgraded the windows and doors in their home.

New research by VELUX, as part of its Healthy Homes Barometer, reveals that a quarter of people in the UK are exposed to an indoor climate hazard, which can take the shape of damp, lack of daylight, excess noise or cold. 1 in 4 people (25%) agree they have poor ventilation in their house and 27% signal that their homes lack exposure to natural daylight.

Aston spoke to Neil Freshwater, public affairs manager at VELUX.

Photo by Ethan Kent on Unsplash

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