Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: is your dog overweight?

New research has suggested that dog owners may not be catering to the dietary requirements of their companions, which is contributing to a growing rate of obesity in household pets.

Only 7% of Brits said they had tried the food that they feed their dog, with many believing it to be ‘disgusting’ or ‘unfit for human consumption’, as owners assume their pets’ nutritional needs are completely alien to our own. This attitude towards dog food is a likely contributor to pet obesity levels in the UK. Research estimates that 40% of dogs are now overweight, and a further 45% are only getting up to half an hour of exercise when walked.

On this National Pet Obesity Day, Butternut Box is challenging owners to take a closer look at the food they serve their dogs – to rethink the go-to, easy options in the dog food industry. Butternut Box’s ‘fresh’ dog food offering rivals human quality meals. Their vet-approved portion sizes are even designed to help dogs avoid the threat of obesity, and promote a healthy diet using the same ingredients their owners enjoy.

Aston spoke to David Nolan, co-founder of Butternut Box.

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

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