Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: New Years resolutions

It’s perhaps no surprise that 50% of Brits are considering making New Year’s resolutions this January. But with more than half of us failing to keep our 2020 goals, what are we doing wrong when it comes to setting these personal pledges?

According to recent studies in behavioural science, it is possible to change certain behaviour to help us stick to our goals, both at home and work. Self‐efficacy and readiness to change often lead to positive outcomes, and for those aiming to improve work performance or get a promotion, getting plenty of sleep can result in increased productivity, whilst positively affecting mood and motivation.

CoachHub’s data revealed that whilst internal online training sessions and webinars were the most common method of employee development – with a huge 97% using this strategy – it is in fact the least effective. Mentoring, and internal and external coaching, saw 70% of employees improve their performance at work, as well as in their relationships and communication skills.

Aston spoke to Windy Tshepiso Maledu, senior behavioural scientist from CoachHub.

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