Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: protecting little ears

It’s easy to shrug off hearing loss as part of getting older, but the earlier young ears are exposed to loud sounds, the greater the damage. Between listening to music, watching videos or talking to friends, many children and teens have headphones or buds permanently attached to their ears. However the reality of hearing damage won’t be music to the ears of tune-loving teens and tweens.

With the summer holidays now in full swing and children spending more time at home, new research by Boots Hearingcare reveals the majority of parents (73%) are concerned about their children having hearing loss in the future from listening to loud music while almost half are frequently telling their kids to turn their music down (44%).

The audiology experts have launched a new campaign, Protect Little Ears, to raise awareness of the risks around noise induced hearing loss and empower parents with knowledge and advice so they can protect their children from damaging their hearing.

Aston spoke to Feraz Ashraf, audiologist at Boots Hearingcare.

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