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Listen: Simon Calder on work-cations

Working from the poolside and Insta-worthy beaches were once the luxury of 20-something ‘digital nomads.’ But now, many Brits are no longer stymied by the traditional 28-day holiday allowance, as ‘Hybrid Holidays’ emerge as the next big wave of change.

Four out of five (81%) working UK adults stated that if they were to work away from home in the UK or abroad, they would likely combine this with a holiday, turning it into a ‘sandwich break’ so that they can maximise time away. Research commissioned by the UK’s first monthly travel subscription service Ultimate Travel Club, and conducted by Savanta, reveals the new “work-cation” trend that will change the way we work and travel going forward.

Almost two-thirds of British workers surveyed (64% – equating to 19 million people) claimed that if their employer allowed, they would consider* working remotely in the UK or abroad for a period of time. When looking at where we would most like to be flying into, Europe topped the list as the number one destination for ‘Hybrid Holidays’ (31%). Whilst most of us want to absorb European culture, alongside meetings, Disneyland, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Las Vegas also made the list as ‘work-cation’ destinations.

Aston spoke to Simon Calder, travel expert and journalist and Brett Norton CEO at Ultimate Travel Club.

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

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